$1,000 Value Bonus Collection Included!

As a much valued PageDyno user we wanted to offer you a quick and easy way to maximize your lead generation, sales and affiliate commissions...  So we've created the special PageDyno lifetime account upgrade bonus below to give you a HUGE advantage when it comes to creating more awesome info-products to sell on the backend or use as affiliate bonuses to incentivize sales.  It's not just one product, but a collection of 8 different and 100% done-for-you books you can use to ramp up your sales and profits even more!

Not just content... You get the editable/rebrandable courses along with professionally written sales letters and stunning (editable) cover graphics.  You can use each of these 8 training programs as-is, or you can tweak them to create dozens of new titles and training programs for long term profits!

The perfect solution to maximize your revenue from all your new PageDyno generated leads...

Here are the set of 8 editable titles you get when you upgrade below:

Private Label Business In A Box - License #1


Private Label Business In A Box - License #2


Private Label Business In A Box - License #3


Private Label Business In A Box - License #4


Private Label Business In A Box - License #5


Private Label Business In A Box - License #6


Private Label Business In A Box - License #7


Private Label Business In A Box - License #8


You can use this content to establish your expertise, generate traffic, create sellable products, and more.  You'll immediately have upsells and cross-sells and all the extra content you need to create funnels and increase your profits every time you run a promotion campaign!

There is a whole lot of profit potential just waiting for you to tap into!

Check out these ideas...

Premium PLR

Edit the content. Edit in just about any way you please. You can add more information, extract information, combine it with other information and create your own original info-products to sell.

Premium PLR

Extract content for articles, create free reports / lead magnets to offer on your PageDyno pages to build your list, or blog post content to drive visitors to your new landing pages.

Premium PLR

Sell the products 'as is'. You can begin selling the materials as they are right away, as long as you don't claim authorship or include our names. You can edit them to make them into your own original products as well.

Premium PLR

Record the information and sell it. Another idea is to record yourself reading the content and create your own .mp3 audio products to sell online as a premium product. Or, burn your recordings to CD and create physical products.

Premium PLR

Add the content to a membership site. The content in these courses is jammed full of useful information. Any of it would be a valued asset in a marketing or business membership site. If you break these down into article format, you can have years of content ready to use.

Premium PLR

Create an online ecoaching program. Incorporate the content as part of a coaching program or e-class handouts, or use them as the backbone of the info you share in your ecoaching program. Make a few "assignments" based around these, and you'd have a high-ticket offer in place.

Premium PLR

Host a webinar. Use the content as a starting point for a webinar or teleseminar. This would include both free calls to use as lead generators to sell other offers, or as featured paid events to generate revenue.

Premium PLR

Host a live seminar in your community. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce. Put together a livestream event to teach marketing tactics, using these documents as your training materials. Charge $100 or more per seat each month.

Premium PLR

Niche them up! Edit these for any industry you're in. Customize them for your readers. There is a lot of information here that can be custom-tailored to non-marketing communities for fresh offers.  We'll even include a bonus tutorial that shows you exactly how to do this yourself to create big profits.

Premium PLR

Give them to your Affiliates. Need training for your affiliate program? It's already done for you. Simply turn these materials into PDFs and add several of them to your affiliate center. You'll train your affiliates to make more money for you. Or, convert some of them into rebrandable reports.

With your license to these products you are authorized to:

1. Sell the content “as is” (or tweak, rebrand, add to, take from, etc.).
2. Give away portions of the content as lead magnets, blog posts, bonuses, webinar content, etc.
3. Add portions of the content to membership sites, coaching curriculum, e-Classes and other paid access sites.
4. Create upsells / cross sells / one-time offers and other special deals with pieces of the content (build an entire funnel!)
5. Develop any other new / original product from the content.
6. You may only claim copyright to this course, or any derived product / offering developed from it after you have made substantial changes (50% minimum) to distinguish your offering from other license owners.

Additionally, you may bundle, excerpt, tweak, rebrand, edit and repurpose the content however you choose including all language translations.

Important: The only thing you can’t do is pass on any kind of rights to other people. This means that your subscribers, customers, and affiliates / partners may not have PLR rights, reprint / resell rights, or giveaway rights passed on to them.  Nor can you pass on any kind of rights / licensing to any offer created from any portion of this content that would allow additional people to sell or give away any portion of the content in these courses.

Get All 8 Licenses When You Upgrade To PageDyno Lifetime Today!